Suicide is about pain...

... the immense pain felt by the individual who is considering suicide; the pain of helplessness felt by others when someone is struggling with suicide; and the overwhelming pain of family members and friends when a person dies by suicide.

Individuals who are thinking about suicide may not want to die; however, they do want their pain to end. Unfortunately feeling alone, without hope that their situation will improve, and believing they are helpless to change their problem, suicide becomes a coping strategy - a way to manage their hurt.

Others often want to do something to intervene and help the suicidal individual but are fearful. They fear planting the idea of suicide, and wonder how to approach the topic. How will they know if the person is answering honestly? They are also unsure and fear making the situation worse by not knowing what to do.

When someone dies by suicide their death can have devastating effects on family members, close friends, acquaintances and the entire community. Feelings of responsibility, guilt and blame are common amongst suicide survivors. Communities often fear other suicides will occur because of contagion and copycat behaviour.

With the belief that it is possible to help keep people alive, Judy North, M.A. provides culturally competent interactive suicide intervention and postvention training. All trainings are specifically designed for the hosting agency. Participants are encouraged as the training builds on their intervention and postvention knowledge and increases their confidence to provide culturally safe suicide intervention and postvention responses.

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