Suicide Postvention Training

Suicide prevention is a primary reason for developing a suicide postvention plan. Incorporating suicide crisis response and bereavement support, the plan ensurses the community is prepared to support suicide survivors in a manner that encourages healing and wellness, and reduces the likelihood of further suicides. A thorough suicide postvention response plan helps the community to:

  • Provide immediate trauma and grief support
  • Assist with sharing appropriate factual information
  • Identify vulnerable individuals who could be at greater risk of suicide
  • Screen for suicidal ideation, provide suicide risk assessments and follow up
  • Ensure access to cultural and spiritual support
  • Encourage wellness and reduce the risk of future mental health problems

Spiritual and cultural leaders are encouraged to participate in the training to provide a clear understanding of the community's traditional beliefs, grief responses and bereavement practices, particularly as they relate to a death by suicide.

Healing the Effects of Suicide: Developing a Community Suicide Response Plan

Unfortunately many communities have experienced suicide deaths. In some places service provider response has been informal, created in the moment, or based on past experiences. The purpose of this training is to build on previous postvention experience and assist service providers, spiritual leaders, and interested community members in preparing a culturally safe community suicide postvention response plan.

The training includes Pre-Incident, Incident and Post-incident planning, and covers:

  • Identifying personal and professional roles
  • Developing and implementing postvention activities
  • Ensuring crisis response for the family and others
  • Identifying and responding to higher risk individuals
  • Safety planning
  • Awareness of suicide bereavement counselling considerations
  • Debriefing and evaluation

Supporting the Suicide Survivor: Immediate Crisis Response & Suicide Bereavement Support Training

Many communities will have interested service providers and community members who are willing to implement the Suicide Postvention Response Plan however feel ill prepared to respond to suicide survivors. "Supporting the Suicide Survivor" is a one day workshop that supports individuals to provide immediate crisis response and ongoing suicide bereavement support.

  • Learn how suicide grief is different from normal grief, and the role of traumatization
  • Gain practical skills for supporting the suicide survivor
  • Practice a suicide bereavement debriefing model
  • Incorporate suicide risk assessments & safety planning into grief support
  • Address common survivor responses, including shame, blame, rejection, fear
  • Determine how to answer the "why?" question so often asked by survivors
  • Integrate self-care for the intervener and the client

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